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Saara Jahkola RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) – Tel Aviv-Yafo

Private Yoga Lessons. Group Classes. Yoga For Musicians. Yoga Therapy. Pre/Post–Natal Yoga  

Saara Jahkola – certified senior yoga teacher - was born and raised in Finland. She moved to Israel after graduating high school in 2000.

Saara discovered yoga after a traumatic event in 2003, and the practice became a tool to strengthen her and to get her mind off of things for an hour and a half a few times a week. With time her practice became more grounded and serious. She realized that yoga for her meant something more than a mere physical workout. She continued to deepen her practice and attended various teacher training courses. She has been studying with Orit Sen Gupta since 2006 and continues to deepen her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology.

Saara has been teaching since 2006; she currently teaches private and group classes, Yoga for Musicians, Yoga Therapy, and Pre and Post-Natal Yoga in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area.

In addition to practicing yoga, Saara has played the violin since the age of five and attended EMO – Espoo Music Institute - until the age of 19. She also attended "Sibelius" High School in Helsinki for Musicians and Dancers. Today she continues to play the violin for her own joy.

Saara holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Environmental Sciences.


I offer the following classes:


Group Classes – Private yoga classes in small groups in students’ homes. Working in small groups facilitates building a safe, deep and precise practice, while considering each participant’s limitations. The classes provide a good base for Asana (yoga pose) and breathing exercises, and students learn how to listen to their bodies, breath and mind. The classes always include a short period of "just sitting" (meditation), breathing exercises, asana practice and relaxation.


Private Lessons –Private yoga classes suit individuals who cannot attend a regular class or a student who prefers to study one on one. The class is specifically designed to meet the student's needs.
A Private Yoga class allows the teacher to fully take into consideration alignment issues or special conditions such as chronical pain or injuries, and enables the student to progress at his/her own pace.

Yoga for Musicians – A special yoga practice designed to meet the unique needs of professional musicians. Often the time spent on music lessons focuses on the music itself and less on the human body playing the instrument. Long hours of practice and performances are actually a very physical task. Yoga for musicians teaches body awareness and proper alignment, helps prevent or rehabilitate performance/practice–related injuries and chronic pain, and may help reduce anxiety.

Yoga Therapy –This practice is recommended for people with chronic pain or other conditions that preclude the student from participating in a regular/ conventional yoga class. The class is always designed to meet the student’s specific needs. In Yoga Therapy students can enjoy a safe practice, learn body awareness and proper alignment, and in many cases improve their condition.
Yoga Therapy class may suit people who suffer from back pain, knee problems, hip pain, arthritis or other problems pertaining to the joints, neck and shoulder pain and various other conditions.

Pre / Post-Natal Yoga – Pre-Natal Yoga for pregnant women helps keep the student strong and balanced throughout the pregnancy, and helps prepare for labor. The practice can also ease lower back pain and various physical symptoms experienced during pregnancy.
Post-Natal Yoga helps the student reconnect with her body after giving birth. The practice can give physical and emotional strength and help deal with daily life in motherhood.

To find a yoga class that best suits you contact Saara Jahkola
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Registered Yoga Teacher (Israeli Yoga Teacher's association)
RYT200 – Studio Chandra, Lauren Ohayon, Tel Aviv.
3yr YTT, Orit Sen Gupta, Wingate Institute.
Yoga Therapy, Noga Barkai Ron, Wingate Institute.
Pre/Post–Natal Yoga, Dana Lavi, Wingate Institute.
Posture, Movement and Motor Therapy through the Integrative Approach, Dr. Gill Solberg.
B.Sc Biology and Environmental Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem